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The BEAST - Wok burner 100000 BTU high pressure propane burner (WITH high pressure regulator)

The BEAST - Wok burner 100000 BTU high pressure propane burner (WITH high pressure regulator)

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Powerful high-pressure wok burner for stir fry dishes and other cooking methods.

Package includes:
1x Wok burner
1x High-pressure regulator
1x Rubber hose with fittings
All items are assembled and ready to use.

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High pressure regulator is included. Regulator dimensions:

Capacity 0,5-4 bar - 8-14 kg/h

Inlet: W-21.8x1/14 LH Female

Outlet: Hose nozzle fi 10

LH female


Rubber hose (8mm) is included and attached with rubber hose clamps.

Lenght of the hose is 2 meters.

100000 BTU, 30Kw

Powerful Heat Output: High-pressure system at 100,000 BTU/h, perfect for
wok cooking and stir frying. It's an ideal gas burner to set up outdoor wok station
.This Fury propane burner produce most heat compared to other brands.

Cast iron

Propane burner stove is made to last as it made from heavy-duty cast iron with
weather proof cosating to stand any outdoor condition.

Automatic ignition

Ignition is automatic. You don't need seperate fire source to ignite
this burner. You can easily make a spark with ignition knob and wok burner turns
on automaticaly.

Regulator knob

The gas regulator knob can adjust the flame on the burner. Regulating
heat from low to high is precise and can be adjusted to your cooking needs.
This outdoor stove burner works with any regular size propane gas tank.


Width (size) - Bowl diameter 13,3 inch (34 cm)

Hight (size) - Bowl hight 7 inch (18.5 cm)
Lenght (size) - Wok burner lenght 17,7 inch (54 cm)


Wok burner has a sturdy protection shiled. The shiel is very helpful when you use full power on wok burner. The shield protects your hands from flames.